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Today is Monday 20th of November 2017 | Click Here for Today's Celebrity Birthdays | Month: Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June, July, August, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec

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Celebrity birthdays today showcases today's famous birthdays and also has every calendar date so you can see what celebrity you share your birthday with or which celebrity's birthday falls on a specific day, like which celebrities are born in the leap year!

We have every actors birthdays, reality star birthdays, athletes birthdays, singers birthdays, preseidents birthdays and many more famous birthdays. You can choose a specific date for example today's date is November 20th and the list of today's famous birthdays is below, as well as other famous birthdays in November.

Celebrity Birthdays Today (November 20th)

Bo Derek
Carlos Boozer
Cody Linley
Connie Talbot
Dierks Bentley
Duane Allman
Jeffrey Loria
Jerry Colangelo
Jim Brickman
Joe Biden
Joel McHale
Joe Walsh
John Lukic
Josh Turner
Juan Gonzalez
Judy Woodruff
Mark Twain
Mickey Lolich
Mie Hama
Mike D
Richard Dawson
Robert F. Kennedy
Sean Young
Tom Clements

Celebrity Birthdays in November

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